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What's New
Site Solutions has expanded and diversified!
  • International: Site solutions reaches internationally with two massive projects in Mexico: La Isla Acapulco and City Santa Fe.
  • Rooftop Green: The first LEED certified retail project in the country was designed by Site Solutions. That tradition continues in housing with rooftop green designs for Post Alexander and 1010 Peachtree.
  • Health Care: Major new initiatives are underway in CCRC's with The Villas at Canterfield , Waterside and Watersedge.
  • LEED: Abercorn Common, the first LEED certified retail project in the country, has been open since 2006.
  • Waterfront Parks: Site solutions master plans a major new riverfront park called River Place for the greater Indianapolis area.
  • Just Opened: SoDo : Orlando's “South of Downtown” in-town mixed use. Avenue Murfreesboro : Cousin's dynamic retail center concept expands to Tennessee.
  • Awarded/On the Boards: Continuing Site solutions reach into different markets:
    • Barracks Road: A mid century shopping center rehab in Charlottesville.
    • Allen Events Center: A new sports arena near Dallas.
    • Emory Pointe: A public/private in-town mixed use project at Emory University.
    • North Atlanta High School: Studies for optimizing redesign of a school's courtyard in the K-12 market.
Based in Atlanta, Site Solutions provides full professional services for projects ranging in size and complexity from residential to several hundred acre phased master plans.
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